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Dankmar Böhning

Professor and Chair in Medical Statistics 

Research Interests 

 Mixture Models and Their Applications

 Multi-Center Studies and Profile-Likelihood Methods

 Count Data With Zero Truncation

 Capture-Recapture Models for Disease Surveillance

 Disease Mapping  and Meta-Analysis

 Traffic Accident Research (Bicycle Helmet Study Berlin)
 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology


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enjoying coffee after teaching a course in Rome (Italy)

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site in Hamburg,  conference place

for Mixtures 2001

Some Sample Publications

Ann. Inst. Statist. Math.  Ann. Inst. Statist. Math. Biostatistics

Biostatistics Biometrika Biometrika Biometrika Biometrika

Biometrical Journal, Biometrical Journal, CSDA, CSDA

JRSSA JRSSC Metrika  Statistics in Medicine, Statistics in Medicine

AJE EUJE Int. J. Epid., Preventive Vet. Medicine, Social- a. Prevent.