Research Projects


1. Mixture modelling of SROC curves in meta-analysis of diagnostic studies

Participating Scientists: Fazil Baksh (Reading, UK), Heinz Holling (Münster, Germany), Matthias Greiner (Berlin, Germany)

Support: grant application pending

Relevant Publications: 

1. Böhning, D., Böhning, W. and Holling, H. (2008). Revisiting Youden’s index as a useful measure of the  misclassification error in meta-analysis of diagnostic studies. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 17, 543-554.

2. Capture-Recapture Modelling with Life Science Applications

Participating Scientists: Peter van der Heijden (Utrecht,NL), Ronny Kuhnert (Berlin), John Bunge (Cornell, USA), Victor Del Rio Vilas (UK)

Support: grant application pending


Relevant Publications:

1. Böhning, D. and Del Rio Vilas, V. (2008).  Estimating the Hidden Number of Scrapie Affected Holdings in Great Britain Using a Simple, Truncated Count Model Allowing for Heterogeneity. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 13, 1-22.

2. Böhning, D. and Patilea, V. (2008). A Capture-Recapture Approach for Screening Using Two Diagnostic Tests with Availability of Disease Status for the Test-Positives OnlyJournal of the American Statistical Association 103, 212-221.

3. Böhning, D. (2008).  A simple variance formula for population size estimators by conditioning. Statistical Methodology 5, 410-423. 

Del Rio Vilas, V. and Böhning, D. (2008).  Application of one-list capture–recapture models to scrapie surveillance data in Great Britain. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 85, 253-266. 

4. Navaratna, W. C. W., Del Rio Vilas, V. and Böhning, D. (2008). Extending  Zelterman’s Approach for Robust Estimation of Population Size to Zero-truncated Clustered Data.  Biometrical Journal 50, 584-596.

5. Böhning, D. and Kuhnert, R. (2006). The Equivalence of Truncated Count Mixture Distributions and Mixtures of Truncated Count Distributions. Biometrics 62, 1207-1215.

6. Böhning, D. and Schön, D. (2005). Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of the population size based upon the counting distribution. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C, Applied Statistics 54, 721-737.





3. Biostatistical Investigation of Heterogenous Populations

Participating Scientists: Ekkehart Dietz, Sasivimol Rattanasiri, Chukiat Viwatwongkasem, Jesus Sarol (Project Report)


Relevant Publications:

1. Böhning, D. and Kuhnert, R. (2007).  A Comparison of Three Different Models for Estimating Relative Risk in Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials under Unobserved Heterogeneity. Statistics in Medicine  26, 2277-2296.

2. Böhning, D., Kuhnert, R., S. Rattanasiri (2008). The Profile Likelihood for Meta-Analytic Studies with Binary Outcome. Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca

Raton, USA. 200 pages.


Support from the German Research Foundation (completed)