Information about Internships

We have internship projects available, usually during the summer. Most are concerned with optimisation problems in the telecommunication technology sector, e.g. routing and power control in wireless multi-hop networks or similar topics. Other projects consider multicriteria optimisation problems and their applications in business and engineering. In all these projects, programming skills in Matlab are of prime importance. Still other projects are connected with members of CORMSIS, the Centre for Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems.

This provides a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience skills designed to help you in your career and personal development --and all that while contributing to research & science! The internships in themselve are unpaid since in exchange for your time and effort,  we provide training in the project in which you are based.

Internships are not funded in any way by the university or our research group. Neither bursaries nor travel funding is available. Scholarships are only available for students studying here at the university. (The last two sentences seem to be the most easily overread sentences on the whole page.)

There is exactly one "exception" to the two boldface sentences above: internships within the STA Project that are funded by the European Space Agency. Please see the project page for details.

If you are interested in an internship, then drop me a line or just show up at my office. It is helpful if you bring an up-to-date CV and your recent progress reviews with you. In and during your first contact you must indicate that you have read and understood the sentences in boldface above. If you do not do that, I will ignore you. (And, no, it won't do any good sending me another email within 24 hours!)

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