May 2014

Lectures on representation theory

Roger will be giving a short course on the representation theory of classical groups from 24th-26th June. Times and locations will be sent out by email nearer the date.

Benevolent characteristics promote cooperative behaviour among humans

I was really happy to support this research, led by our postdocs Valerio Capraro and Conor Smyth, in which we conducted online experiments using the Mechanical Turk to explore co-operation and benevolence. The results are a little surprising, but fit well with Valerio’s game theory model, which assumes that humans are good at optimising over spaces of strategies, under the assumption that other players are doing the same thing. His model predicts outcomes for Prisoner’s Dilemma which fit well with experimental observations. I didn’t contribute much to the project, but it was fascinating to be involved in discussions around the design of the experiment of the design and analysis of the data.

UPDATE: The paper has now appeared in PLOS One at: