Apr 2016

Beyond Hyperbolicity, Cambridge 20-24th June 2016

From the conference web page at https://www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/~mfh26/bh/index.html

The aim of this conference is to look closely at various generalizations of Gromov hyperbolicity that are currently of significant interest. We particularly want to compare the different definitions, and put them into conversation with one another. Examples include: acylindrical hyperbolicity, hierarchical hyperbolicity, coarse median structures (in the sense of Bowditch), (bi)automatic groups, semi-hyperbolic groups, and asymptotically CAT(0) groups. Various generalizations of the idea of Gromov boundary are also relevant (contracting, Morse, and HHS boundaries, etc). Certain classes of examples are also of special interest: mapping class groups, Out(F_n), RAAGs.

Paul Baum visit

Paul Baum will be visiting the non-commutative geometry group from 22nd to 25th May. He has offered two expository talks (one on K-theory and one on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem) so do let me know if you have a preference.

Roger Plymen visiting

Roger will be here from 25th-28th April.

Welcome to our new Postdoc, Jiawen Zhang

We welcome our new postdoc Jiawen Zhang to the group. Jiawen joins us from Vienna where he worked in Goulnara Arzhantseva's group and is working on asymptotic dimension and decomposition complexity. Jawed is the recipient of a Sino-British Fellowship Trust Incoming Fellowship and will be at Southampton for two years.