Notes from a short talk at St Andrews (October 2014)
Slides from a colloquium talk at Cardiff (February 2012) on the topological superrigidity theorem
Slides from a short course on CAT(0) cube complexes at the Ohio State Workshop on Cubical and Systolic Complexes, May 2011
Slides from a short presentation on current research for the EPSRC International Review of Mathematics
Slides from recent talks on the topological superrigidity theorem I proved with Aditi Kar. More or less the same talk was given at Geometry and Analysis on Graphs and Groups (Oxford, November 12th 2010), the Rowan William Hamilton Topology Conference on Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds (Trinity College Dublin, September 2nd 2010) and the Ohio State Workshop on Cubical and Systolic Complexes (OSU, 14th May 2011).
London Algebra Colloquium (Imperial, May 13th 2010)
New Directions in Geometric Group Theory (Queensland, December 2009)
North British Geometric Group Theory Colloquium (Glasgow, November 25th 2009)
Affine Isometric Actions of Discrete Groups, ETH Conference (Ascona, July 3rd 2009)
New directions in non-commutative geometry conference on the occasion of Roger Plymen’s 65th Birthday (Manchester Institute of Mathematical Sciences July 10th 2008)
EPFL Conference on Geometric Linearization of Graphs and Groups (Lausanne, January 2007)
Notes from a short course given with Michah Sageev at the Workshop on Geometric Group Theory. Centre de Récherche Mathématiques, (Montreal, July 2006)
Banff International Research Station (June 2005)
Texas A&M (November 2005)