Tutorial 1 --Flow over an Airfoil

1 geometry and mesh.

import airfoil geometry, curved domain, structure mesh, solve, refine .

For convenience, Gambit is used here for meshing. Or alternatively you want to download a Gambit-generated mesh file.

2 load the mesh into Star-CCM+.

Open CCM+ ->File -> new simulation ->Run Mode ->Serial ( if you are using your own dual core PC, and you have installed MPI, you may want to choose Parallel if the job is a large one) ->type a case name,eg airfoil_bl ->OK->

File->Import ->choose All Importable files ->browse to the *.msh file ->Open (note to click the appropriate to make the mesh checked.

->move the mouse to the toolbars Create/Open Scenes ->Mesh, you will see the mesh now.

3, setup the CCM+ simulation file.

You can get help from here, *****\CD-adapco\STAR-CCM+ 3.04.009\doc, where ***** is the location CCM+ installed, e.g. C:\Program Files\

But at this stage, it is very similar to Fluent. I, Continua ->Physics 1-> you can setup the solver and the material (you will notice that the 2nd order scheme is the default. II, Region ->fluid ->Boundaries -> you can setup the boundary conditions. III, Stopping Criteria ->You can setup Maximum Steps. IV, Monitors -> you can monitor the residuals.

I have just very quickly setup a CCM+ simulation file here . Any errors inside are possible.


Updated: 14-10-2008 (Please report if you find a problem in the instructions).