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University of Southampton
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Dr Zheng-Tong Xie (my Mini-CV (PDF),Jun/2017)

Primary Position: Associate Professor

Research Interests & Projects and Team (PhD vacancies available: please contact me for details)

  • Modelling interaction of fluid and slender structures, e.g. long-span bridges, high-rise buildings, large wind-turbine blades
  • New approaches (e.g. inflow boundary condition, wall model) for large-eddy simulations
  • Large-eddy simulation for flow, scalar dispersion and heat transfer over a group of bluff bodies
  • Coupling between large-scale geophysical flow and small scale turbulent flow, e.g. weather scale flows and street scale flows
  • My previous research work in SJTU , CAS and Surrey has also provided me with experiences in the fields (1) numerical simulation of wing-tail combination's response to a gust; (2) numerical and experimental study of flows with free surfaces; (3) modelling plant canopy flows; (4) modelling flows over rough wall.

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