SOAP, SCIENCE & FLAT SCREEN TVs:  a history of liquid crystals

David Dunmur and Tim Sluckin

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Chapter 2 of book:                                Crystals that flow: fact or fiction  (Read a sample chapter)      

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Read the reviews!

 “Contemporary Physics”                     Professor Derry Jones (University of Bradford)      

 “Columbus Dispatch”                           Robert Hardy

 “Physics Today”                                     Professor Peter Collings (Swarthmore College)

 Physik Journal”                                    Dr. Ingo Dierking (University of Manchester)

 “Science”                                                Professor Gerald van Hecke (Harvey Mudd College)

 “The Higher”                                         Professor Bill Crossland (Cambridge University)

 “Chemistry in Britain”                         Professor Geoffrey Luckhurst (University of Southampton)

Edited by Tim Sluckin November 1 2011