Tim Sluckinís


Crystals that Flow: Classic papers from the history of liquid crystals

Compiled with translation and commentary by Timothy J. Sluckin,

David A. Dunmur and Horst Stegemeyer†††††††† (Taylor and Francis 2004)

ISBN 0-415-25789-1








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Selected extracts from the book

Contents and preliminary pages

The early period: liquid crystals or anisotropic liquids

Translation of the first (1889) paper by Otto Lehmann on liquid crystals

Translation of Georges Friedelís groundbreaking 1922 paper (extracts)


Some pictures from the history of liquid crystals

Otto Lehmann (1855-1922) ††††††††††††††††††

Otto Lehmannís polarising Microscope

Daniel Vorlšnder (1869-1941)

Georges Friedel (1866-1933)

The first smectic phase diagram (Arnold and Sackmann 1959)


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