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Quantitative anthropology group, Southampton (QAGS)



This programme focuses on the population biology of the  species homo sapiens sapiens.

The goal is to use mathematical and computational models, based on statistical physics,  to understand some aspects of society. 


The work is interdisciplinary and involves a wide range of collaborators, including computer scientists, archaeologists, economists, engineers and psychologists.


Current Projects

o  Game theoretical models of cooperation

o  Waves of advance of human invasion in the peopling of the globe

o  Cattle genetics in India

Potential projects

o  Waves of advance of diversity

o  Speech-pattern-based models of language phylogeny

o  Deep structure of language evolution

o  Modelling historical phenomena

o  Walking and climbing strategies on mountain slopes

Current workers in the group include:

o  Guy Jacobs (Ph.D student, Mathematics) See also his ECS page

o  Professor Tim Sluckin

o  Gereon Kaiping (PhD student, Engineering and the environment)


Collaborators include:

o  Professor Simon Cox (FEE)

o  Professor Bob Damper (ECS)

o  Dr James Steele (Archaeology, UCL)

o  Professor Marcos Llobera (University of Washington, Seattle)

The group accepts applications from potential research students and postdoctoral workers

Funding may be available, and applicants should write to Professor Sluckin.


written by Tim Sluckin November 2012