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(a)  Research studentship available  (start October  2017 or earlier if available) to work on statistical mechanical computer simulation. Background in mathematics/theoretical physics /chemistry/ engineering. Eligibility UK/EU. Contact me by email or Ondrej Hovorka O.Hovorka@soton.ac.uk


(b) Research Studentship available in Bioinformatics (start October  2017), to work on genomic datasets to investigate selection in humans and chickens. Contact me or  

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Personal Highlights:



Southampton   Univ.                          


Bristol University  


Case Western Reserve (USA)


Stanford University  (USA)   


Brooklyn College (USA)  




Visiting Posts:


University of Maribor (Slovenia)


Politecnico di Milano (Italy)


Milano Bicocca (Italy)


ILL, Grenoble (France)

1985, 1987-8

Technion (Haifa,Israel)


Maribor (Slovenia)                                                    




Educational History


Ph.D. Nottingham    


M.Math Cambridge


B.A. Cambridge               







Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: tim2


Lecturing  2017-18:


Semester 1

MATH1004: Mathematics for Chemists and Oceanographers (Year 1)

Math3032  Communicating and Researching Mathematics


 Semester 2

 Mainly on leave.


 Mathematical Sciences Outreach

 I am available to give talks to school groups in the South of England, and/or to arrange for colleagues to visit. Please email me enquiries.


Ph.D Research Projects available

Projects are available in

o   Liquid crystal science

o   Theoretical anthropology

o   population biology

Quantitative Anthropology

Liquid crystals


Fluids with Attitude

(Talk on the history of liquid crystals to Liquid Crystal programme on the mathematics of liquid crystals,  Newton Institute Cambridge, 2013, courtesy INI Cambridge. )

Introduction to population biology research

Final year projects are also available in these subject areas.

Contact Details:

Professor  T.J. Sluckin, 
Mathematical Sciences, Highfield, 
Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK

Phone extension 23680
National  023-8059-3680 
International : +44-23-8059-3680

Department Fax : +44- (23) 8059 5147

Office:      Room 6017, Building 54 

How to get electronic copies of my papers:

o   Directly from the journal on the internet

o   From Southampton e-prints,

o   If these strategies don’t work, please email me

o   For some very old (pre-internet days) papers, the electronic copy might not exist.


Tim Sluckin   M.Math. M.A.  Ph.D. C.Phys. F.Inst.P.  F.I.M.A.
Professor of Applied Mathematical Physics



Biaxial nematic liquid crystals: Theory, Simulation and Experiment

edited by Geoffrey R. Luckhurst and Timothy J. Sluckin


Wiley profile for this book


2010 (second edition 2014)

Soap, Science and Flat screen TVs: a history of liquid crystals

by David Dunmur and Tim Sluckin

(Oxford University Press)

Oxford University Press profile for book

Reviews for this book



Fluidos fora da lei (“Fluids outside the law”)

by Tim Sluckin  (IST Press, Lisbon,  2007)

translated into Portuguese by

Paulo Ivo Teixeira

(Translation of the Inaugural Lecture  “Fluids with Attitude”)

Flyer for this book

Reviews for this book


Crystals that Flow: classic papers from the history of liquid crystals

compiled with translation and commentary by:

T.J. Sluckin, D.A. Dunmur and H. Stegemeyer

(Taylor and Francis, CRC)

More about this book     


General Research Interests:

Physical Science
Theory of Liquid Crystals
General liquid physics
Liquid surfaces
Statistical mechanics of magnetism, 
Scattering of waves in amorphous media 

Theoretical Biology
Theoretical studies of evolution and ecology
Human Origins

Engineering and Applied Science
High Performance Computing
Liquid Crystalline and other display devices

History of Science
History of Liquid Crystals









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