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Signal Processing and Control Group
The University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ

w:  +44 (0) 23 8059 3224
e: thomas.blumensath (@) soton.ac.uk

I am an engineer and mathematician working on fundamental signal and image processing techniques and their application to a range of problems in science and engineering. I am particularly interested in computational imaging, x-ray tomography, biomedical applications and human brain mapping.

Compressed Sensing
                Reconstruction from Tomographic Observations

Research Interests:

  • Compressed Sensing and its applications
  • Sparse methods in signal and image processing
  • Geometric aspects of signal and image structure
  • Bayesian and non-linear signal processing
  • X-ray CT imaging and reconstruction
  • X-ray CT for dimensional metrology

PhD opportunities:
  • I currently have several open PhD positions to work on different aspects of x-ray computed tomography.
  • Two of the projects will apply the latest compressed sensing ideas to two problems in x-ray computed tomography with one project on randomised algorithms and one project on reconstruction algorithms for ultra fast tomography. The advert for these positions can be found here.
  • The other position is on the efficient modelling of x-ray scattering, with the aim to use these models in the reconstruction of tomographic images to avoid artefacts due to this scattering. The position is available through our doctoral training centre in Next Generation Computational Modelling. The advert can be found here.

Current projects:
  • Advanced x-ray tomographic imaging technology for the testing of aircraft structures, components and engines (ProjectCAN (Project Composite Aircraft NDE, Innovate UK 101804).
  • Computational methods for the modelling and inversion of non-linear systems and its application to beam hardening correction in x-ray computed tomography reconstruction (NGCM PhD project)
Previous projects:

Compressed Sensing and x-ray tomography: a tutorial:

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