Non-Standard Parametric Statistical Inference


Here are the Excel workbooks used to carry out the calculations in my book

Non-standard Parametric Statistical Inference published by Oxford University Press.


Each workbook comprises a set of worksheets for analysing a dataset and displaying the results.


Though many of the workbooks have been used in courses I have given, they are not finalised applications that have been polished to a commercial standard. Instead they should be regarded as convenient working tools suitable for research work.


The required calculations are all carried out by VBA modules which are called by

clicking on control buttons that are placed directly in the spreadsheets.


The data has to be entered, usually as a simple spreadsheet table. Analysis of the data is carried out by calling VBA routines using control buttons embedded in the spreadsheets which are labelled with what they do. Typically there is a button to calculate a specific analysis of the original data, displaying the results numerically


There are then additional control buttons that will either carry out follow-up additional analysis of the initial results, or that produce charts displaying the results graphically.


The VBA modules are written from scratch, with details of all calculations fully set out and accessible. In each workbook the VBA modules are a self-contained coherent whole. There are no calls to extraneous packages or applications. This means that the operation of any of the modules can easily be made directly by anyone wishing to modify the routines.


Links added so far ( 10 June 2017).


03 - Toll Booth Example

04 - Bootstrapping

05 - Distribution Fitting

06 - Distribution Fitting

07 - Distribution Fitting

08 - Infinite Likelihood

09 - Pearson & Johnson Systems

10 - Box-Cox Transformations

11 - Change-Point Models

12 - Skew-Normal

13 - Randomized Parameter

14 - Indeterminacy

15 - Nested Nonlinear Regression

16 - Linear Model Fitting

17 - Finite Mixture Models

18 - Finite Mixture Models


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