Latest News

The LGBT Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Cast as its new Chair with immediate effect. Andy works in HR as the Head of HR Business Partnering and brings experience from outside the University within an E&D background, specialising in LGBT interests.

Andy would like to invite Network members old and new, and other interested people, to an informal coffee and chat at 10:00 on Friday 22nd January in 67/2015. Feel free to email Andy at if you have any questions.


The University of Southampton LGBT Network is an autonomous group for LGBT people and their friends and supporters. Staff developed the idea for the Network during sessions of the University’s Sexual Orientation Working Group, chaired by Janice Rippon (Director of Student Services), which first met in July 2009 and now meets twice yearly. The University joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme in February 2010 and two members of SOWG attended Stonewall’s Workplace Conference in March. An Action Group under the sponsorship of Debra Humphris (Pro Vice-Chancellor Education) formed the Network in July 2010.

Purpose of the LGBT Staff Network

The LGBT Staff Network aims to work in partnership with the University of Southampton and other LGBT networks to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. The LGBT Staff Network believes that, in order for every individual to reach their full potential, there must be no fear of discrimination or disrespect.

Objectives of the LGBT Staff Network


The role of the ‘action group’ is to manage the Network, encourage members to get involved and liaise with the University of Southampton and other groups.

All University staff, postgraduate students and Southampton University Students’ Union employees are welcome to join the Network. (SUSU is a separate organisation with close ties to the University.)


The Network aims to meets once per month for either a business, social meeting or for lunch. Everyone is welcome to attend. The Network website provides information on the Network background, activities, contact details and an extensive resources page. The Facebook group and mailing list provide regular updates on the Network activities and upcoming events.