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… interests: coarse geometry, geometric and analytic group theory, C*-algebras, noncommutative geometry

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  • partially funded by EPSRC Standard Grant EP/V002899/1, Boundary representations of non-positively curved groups (July 2021 – June 24)

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papers :: recent

  • Quasi-locality and Property A, with Jiawen Zhang, in Journal of Functional Analysis, 2019, doi arxiv
  • Relative commutant pictures of Roe algebras, with Aaron Tikuisis, in Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2019, doi arxiv
  • Coarse medians and Property A, with Nick Wright, in Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 2018, doi arxiv
  • A metric approach to limit operators, with Rufus Willett, in Transactions of AMS, 2017, doi arxiv
  • Strong hyperbolicity, with Bogdan Nica, in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics, 2016, doi arxiv

A full list, some short notes, preprints and work in progress can be found here.




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