A working mathematician

Lists of links to Mathematics

Yahoo - Science:Mathematics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
WebCrawler's Mathematics
Mathematics (Science)
From the TradeWave Galaxy.
Applied Math (Mathematics)
Also from TradeWave.
Mathematics Information Servers
A german mirror of the European Mathematical Information Service.
One of the best starting points. Done by ZIB, planned by DMV.

Optimization and Operations Research

Yahoo - Science:Mathematics:Operations Research
OR Directory
A list of people in OR, complete with email addresses or homepages (1900 entries!).
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Global Optimization
- but with links to local optimization, too.
Opt-Net Home page
The electronic forum for the optimization community, build by DMV.
SOLA Home Page
SOLA means Section on Locational Analysis.
EWGLA homepage
The one and only for the European Working Group on Locational Analysis.

Software (mostly Optimization)

Optimization Software
Maintained by Jiefeng Xu, Boulder, Colorado.
NEOS Guide - Optimization Software
Much of the information is drawn from Moré and Wright's book Optimization Software Guide.
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Books and Bibliographies

Computational Science Education Project Homepage
A good ebook (electronic book) for beginners in computational mathematics.
The Hypertext Bibliography Project


Newsgroup: sci.math.num-analysis
Newsgroup: sci.op-research

Other interesting stuff

The Management Mathematics Group, School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham
School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham
Startseite Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Dortmund
Willkommen am LS X Mathematik, Universität Dortmund
This was my hometown...