Jumping-Off Points

The major starting points on the Web. They can also be used for searching specific subjects. Don't write me emails like "Your catalogue of Jump Points is not complete!" I am not bothering maintaining a complete catalogue. This is just a starting point for me. The links on this page are roughly organized after quality.
The best search engine. Hierarchically organized.
Altavista. A very good search engine.
Only searchable.
Virtual Tourist World Map
Map-based interface. Servers are orgainzed geographically.
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
Only searchable.
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
From the keepers of the flame at CERN. Registered servers, sorted alphabetically by continent and country.
Globewide Network Academy Meta-Library
Searchable and browsable subject catalogue.
Only searchable.
TradeWave Galaxy
WebCrawler Searching
Only searchable, but with a link to the most popular links referenced by the crawler.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
The Whole Internet Catalog
Other Internet Sites
The Mother-of-all BBS

Lists of Jumping-Off Points

Yes, there are even lists of links to lists of links, ad nauseam...
E U N E T - S C H W E I Z Ways
A little list of search engines.
Jumping Off Points of the NetUser magazine
Finally, a nice list of - you guess it - jumping off points.

Other search engines

InfoSeek Net Search
Snoopie Internet File Finder
They say it is faster and better than archie.