Jacek Brodzki


I am fascinated by interactions between analysis and geometry. My current work revolves around problems in noncommutative geometry arising from the Baum-Connes conjecture, including characterisations of property A, exactness of groups and their consequences, and it is carried out mostly in collaboration with members of the research group Analysis and Geometry of Groups at Southampton.

An increasingly important part of my research is the study of geometry and topology of large data sets using the geometric, topological, and analytical techniques developed in the context of metric spaces and geometry of groups. This research is done in collaboration with the Energy Research group at Durham led by Janusz Bialek, the SOCIAM group at Southampton, led by Sir Nigel Shadbolt, and the Clinical Trials Unit at Southampton, led by Diana Eccles. My research is partially supported by the EPSRC.

There are many possible PhD projects in this area, so please contact me if you are interested.