Visit by Vladimir Mischenko

Vladimir Mischenko (Moscow State) will be visiting Jacek Brodzki from April 21st-26th as part of a Royal Society funded visiting programme.


Our paper “Hierarchical Spectral Clustering of Power Grids” has now appeared in IEEE Transactions in Power Systems:

The paper uses spectral methods to decompose power networks into reasonably self contained units, with the aim of protecting the grid during (or preventing) cascading blackouts. The method is fairly general and gives a fast efficient algorithm to iteratively decompose a weighted network into pieces which maintain balanced flows. In the blackouts application the network is weighted by power flow, typically using a DC approximation, to ensure that the resulting components are self sustaining, but other applications may well be possible.

Geometric Group Theory  at MSRI in 2016

There will be a program in Geometric Group Theory  at MSRI in fall 2016, and together with Cornelia Drutu, Goulnara Arzhantseva and Piotr Nowak we are planning one of the topical workshops, entitled "Amenability, coarse embeddability and fixed point properties”.

Roger Plymen

Roger Plymen will be retiring from his Chair at Southampton at the end of August, but will continue as an active member of the Non-Commutative Geometry Group in his new role as Visiting Professor.

Aditi Kar

We look forward to welcoming back Aditi Kar, who will be rejoining the Geometric Group Theory group in September, following her EPSRC Research Fellowship at Oxford.