Prof Colin Please

023-80592332 (+ 44 23 80592332 for international)
School of Mathematics
University of Southampton
England SO17 1BJ
Building 54 (Mathematics), room 6007 (see a map of the campus with directions here).

For your amusement:
See a video of some unicycling here.

Courses that I teach at Southampton University can be found on the Blackboard system) (users only)
Research Interests
Mathematical modelling of industrial problems using partial differential equations.
Areas include:
Growth and dynamics of solid tumours and tissue engineering
Baking of bread products
Food processing and sterilization by heat exchangers
Dispersion of pollution in the atmosphere and estuaries
Electrical behaviour of semiconductor devices particularly organic solar cells
Rechargable battery behaviour.
Amino acid transport in the placenta.
Asymptotic analysis of PDE's particularly nonlinear diffusion equations.

Research details

 You can find more details about my research, my publications, and other university activities here.
A list of recent publications can be found here. You can look on the University of Southampton's e-print server (which is reasonably comprehensive for more recent work and has more links to papers) here

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