Old News:
  May 13 Congratulations to Sharon for getting her PhD.
  March 13 Several industrially sponsored PhD studentships are available in the Tavassoli lab. Please apply via the links below:

http://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=44328 http://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=43958

  Oct 12 Ali is elected chair of the Royal Society of Chemistry's BioOrganic Group.
  Oct 12 We welcome project students Mike, Will, Josh and Charlie to the group.
  Oct 12 We welcome Ishna Mistry to the group.
  Sept 12 Pia's paper is published in Nucleic Acids Research.
  Sept 12 Ali is elected to the council of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Chemistry and Biology Interface Division.
  July 12 Ian, Charlie and Francesco's paper is published in ChemBioChem.
  May 12 We welcome Alex Hoose to the group.
  April 12 Congratulaitons to Pia for winning a prize for her presentation at the Royal Society of Chemistry postgraduate conference.
  Nov 11 Congratulations to Pia for winning first prize at the School of Chemistry's annual Grduate Poster Competition on her work into assessing the biocompatibility of unnatural DNA linkers.
  Nov 11 Congratulations to Abi for winning first prize for best oral presentation, describing her work on uncovering new antibiotics, at the recent Royal Society of Chemistry Early Stage Researcher Meeting.
  Oct 11 We welcome Jamie Townend and Charlotte Mardle to the group.
  July 11 Reserarch from the Tavassoli group (in collaboration with Prof. Tom Brown) is published in PNAS. The research is also detailed in a press release.
  June 11 Ali is promoted to Reader. Many thanks to all current and past members of the group whose hard work has enabled this, and many thanks to all our collaborators.
  May 11 We welcome Dale Jones and Dr. Daniel Asby to the group.
March 11
Dec 10
We thank Breast Cancer Campaign for funding our research.
Oct 10
We welcome Charlotte Lawrence, Abi Male, Stephanie Richards, Carolyn Qui, Graeme Finch and Amy Lerman to the group.
June 10
We are the featured laboratory in Bachem's PEPTalk.
April 10
We welcome Dr. Franciane Ho-A-Kwie to the group.
March 10
We thank the EPSRC for supporting our research.
Feb 10
You can also watch members of the Tavassoli lab talking about their research projects (as part of our public engagement acitvity) on YouTube. Ian discusses his efforts towards developing new HIV therapies and Elena outlines her work uncovering the mechanism of influenza.
Dec 09
Group Christmas meal
    Tavassoli Group Christmas meal - Happy Holidays!
Oct 09
We welcome Nola Adeosun and Sara Benrabaa to the group.
July 09
Congratulations to Karin for winning the runner up prize for her poster (on her research into inhibiting tumour hypoxia) at the QMUL Symposium on Chemical Biology.
July 09

climbing photo

Climbing trip to Portland with the Attard group and friends.

July 09
We welcome Dr. Ian Spurr and Siew Lee Koh to the group.
April 09
We thank AstraZeneca for supporting our research.
Jan 09
Ali is featured in this month's ACS Chemical biology podcast. Listen online (from 10 minutes onward) here.
Dec 08
Our paper detailing the uncovering of a cyclic peptide inhibitor of HIV budding is published in ACS Chemical Biology.
Sept 08
Ali is the recipient of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences' Medal for the 2008 Young European Chemist Award.
Sept 08
Karin wins first prize for her research into inhibiting tumour hypoxia at Chemistry of the Cell meeting in London.
Sept 08
Applications are now being accepted for two postdoctoral fellowship positions. Apply online via Naturejobs or jobs.ac.uk. Closing date for applications is October 16th.
August 08
Ali is the recipient of a Career Establishment Award from Cancer Research UK.
August 08
Ali is shortlisted for the 2008 European Young Chemist Award.
July 08
Congratulations to Sharon for running the Race for Life and raising over £350 for cancer research.
July 08
Four postdoctoral fellowships are available in the Tavassoli group. We are seeking 2 molecular biologists, 1 synthetic chemist and 1 mammalian cell biologist. All posts start around september 08 and are for up to three years.
July 08
Ali is presenting our work on HIV budding inhibitors at the RSC Chemistry and Biology of Peptides Symposium in Nottingham.
July 08
We thank Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology for funding our research.
June 08
We thank the Medical Research Council for funding our research.