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We are an interdisciplinary chemical biology research group, based in Chemistry at the University of Southampton. Our efforts are directed towards understanding cellular protein-protein interaction networks, and developing molecules that tackle diseases such as Cancer and HIV by targeting these protein networks.

If you are interested in joining us as a PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher, please contact us.

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July 2016

Congratulations to Alex for passing his PhD viva (and thanks to Dr. Andrew Jamieson for examining the thesis).


April 2016

Congratulations to Ishna for passing her PhD viva (and thanks to Prof. Stuart Conway for examining the thesis).


April 2016

Congratulations to Ishna for winning a poster prize at the RCS Chemical Biology Symposium for her work on reprogramming hypoxia response in cells.


April 2016

Jaime's paper on traceless cyclic peptide production in E. coli is published in ACS Chemical Biology.


March 2016

Dale and Ishna's paper on controlling intein splicing with light is published in Molecular Biosystems.


Feb 2016

Our collaborative work with Phil Gale's group is published in OBC.


Feb 2016

Congratulations to Jaime for pasing her PhD viva (and thanks to Dr. Mike Webb for examining the thesis).


Dec 2015

Merry Christmas from the Tavassoli lab.


Nov 2015

Three CRUK-funded postdoctoral positions are available in our lab. Please see here, here and here for job descriptions and how to apply.


Nov 2015

A PhD position for UK and EU students is available in our group. Apply here.


Oct 2015

Abi and Steph's paper is published in Microbiology.


August 2015

Our research is covered in the Washington Post, Esquire, IFLScience, Daily Mail, Shape magazine, ABC TV News, Fox TV News and many more national and international news sources!


July 2015

Dan and Francesco's paper is published in Chemistry and Biology.


June 2015

Congratulations to Dale for passing his PhD viva.


June 2015

Ishna's paper is published in Molecular Biosystems.


May 2015

JBS cover


May 2015

Congratulations to Ishna for winning an award for her talk at the RSC chemical biology postgraduate symposium in Bristol.


May 2015

We thank Cancer Research UK for funding our research.


January 2015

Congratulations to Charlotte Lawrence for passing her PhD viva.


October 2014

We welcome Dr. Fiona Rown, Andrew Ball, Catrin Sohrabi, Joe Gibson and James Leverington to the lab.


September 2014

Several new papers published. Please see publications page.


July 2014

Ali talks about our CRUK-funded research to runners, joggers and walkers at the Southampton Race for Life.


July 2014

Congratulations to Abi for passing her PhD viva.


April 2014

Congratulations to Steph for passing her PhD viva.


March 2014

Two industrially funded PhD positions are available. Further information is available here and here. Please apply via the link at the bottom of each advert.


February 2014


January 2014

Our new publication in Angewandte Chemie, is highlighted by F1000Prime, Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline blog, and Chemistry World.


January 2014

Several new papers have been published by the lab. Please see the publication page.


January 2014

We welcome Dr. Mikie Kukwikila and Xiao Yang to the lab.


October 2013

We welcome PhD students Andrew Foster, James Ingram, Mira Kreuzer, Eilidh Leich, Katherine Lennard, and Eliot Osher to the group.


September 2013

New paper from our lab (in collaboration with Donna Davies' group) published in Molecular Biosystems.


September 2013

Ali opens the new CRUK shop in Guernsey.


August 2013

Elena's paper (in collaboration with Earl Brown's group in Ottawa) on the role of NS1 gene mutations on the virulence of influenza is published in Virology Journal.


August 2013

Cancer Research UK news story about our CtBP dimerization inhibitor.


August 2013

Some of the media coverage for our HIF-1 inhibitor paper:

ITV news, Free Press, Science Daily, Information Daily, Pharmaceutical Technology, The Daily Echo, The Business Standard, Pharma Times, Zee News, In the Pipeline, CRUK blog, and of course University of Southampton!

Charlotte Lawrence did a fantastic job explaining the paper on ITV television news, and Ali was interviewed by BBC radio.


July 2013

The first specific inhibitor of HIF-1 dimerization is published by the Tavassoli group in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


July 2013

Tavassoli Chem Sci cover


June 2013

Funding news: We thank AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Neusentis (Pfizer), Conformetrix, CRUK, EPSRC, BCC, Kerkut Trust, Wessex Trust and BBSRC for supporting our research.


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